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Mary Baker Eddy – Leader Forever

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The Manual Comes Alive


by Helen M. Wright


Mary Baker Eddy: A New Look

Mary Baker Eddy's Church Manual & Church Universal & Triumphant

If Mary Baker Eddy's Manual Were Obeyed

America: Cradle for the Second Coming of the Christ

Mary Baker Eddy: God's Great Scientist, Vol. I

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Made Whole Through Our Marriage To God, Vol. VI

Mary Baker Eddy: Leader Forever (112 page booklet)

Mary Baker Eddy: Leader Forever (46 page booklet)


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Mis. Doc. Miscellaneous Documents

Ret. Retrospection and introspection

Un. Unity of Good

Pul. Pulpit and Press

No. No and Yes

Pan. Christian Science Versus Pantheism

Peo. The People's idea of God

My. The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany

Po. Poems

Man. Church Manual


In 1889 when Mary Baker Eddy retired to Concord to work on the 50th Edition of Science and Health, no one was found who could preach in her place. At this critical juncture, Mrs. Eddy recommended that the church be dissolved.

She states (Ret. p. 44), "No sooner were my views made known, than the proper measures were adopted to carry them out, the votes passing without a dissenting voice. This measure was immediately followed by a great revival of mutual love, prosperity, and spiritual power. The history of that hour holds this true record. Adding to its ranks and influence, this spiritually organized Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, still goes on. A new light broke in upon it, and more beautiful became the garments of her who "bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace."

But after three years of spiritual formation alone (and even though they were experiencing unprecedented prosperity) the students began a campaign to reorganize-to again organize on the old legally chartered basis.

Mrs. Eddy explained to William B. Johnson, Clerk of The Mother Church: "If you organize again it will ruin the prosperity of our church... Open the eyes of the church to these facts... If she again sells her prosperity for a mess of pottage it is

not my fault. Their urge to reorganize, [she told them] was not of God... and only harm can come from returning to a position outgrown."

Mrs. Eddy's whole purpose was to design a Church that would aid man in his great quest-the understanding and service of God, infinite good.

She saw that only suffering would teach them God's will. Today, with the Church of Christ, Scientist's former great "prosperity" gone, we see how right she was in her condemnation of the reorganizing of the church in 1892. She might have said: "If all else fails, follow my directions."

We cannot afford to continue to ignore our Leader's directions. The price is too high. The quiet catastrophe the hierarchy has presided over for the past eighty years has headed the Christian Science movement toward oblivion.

This book is a challenge to every loyal Christian Scientist to pay close attention to the By-Law estoppels in Mary Baker Eddy's Manual as she wrote it. We must seek to heal, to reach across the divide and cause the Christian Science movement to flourish again. Blessed are we, "insomuch as the consciousness of good, grace, and peace comes through affliction rightly understood, as sanctified by the purification it brings to the flesh,-to pride, self-ignorance, self-will, self-love, self-justification. Sweet indeed are these uses of His rod" (Mis. 8:29).




"Once upon a time there were four people: named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have."

Part I

This might have been a tale of what happened after Mary Baker Eddy left the human scene. But it wasn't. At that time, when "There was an important job to be done"-because those Mrs. Eddy had trusted betrayed that trust-somebody DID do something. Somebody answered Mrs. Eddy's plea: "Tell the truth about your Leader...(because) the truth in regard to your Leader heals the sick and saves the sinner."

Immediately after Mrs. Eddy's passing, Frederick Dixon, Editor of the Christian Science Monitor, admonished Board-member Archibald McClellan that obedience to the Manual required termination of the five-member Board since this Board was only installed by Mrs. Eddy to transact the business of The Mother Church, and The Mother Church as a material organization ceased to exist when Mrs. Eddy was no longer here. (The Manual shows every function of The Mother Church required Mrs. Eddy's consent, approval, or her signature in her own handwriting.) Mr. Dixon reports that Board member McClellan stated emphatically that he had to obey Mrs. Eddy while she was here, but he felt no compulsion to obey her when she was not here. Having kicked off this sprint for obedience, Mr. Dixon returned to England, after the "Great Litigation," leaving the Boston hierarchy to stew and simmer in disobedience for the next eighty years. (The Carpenter "Precepts" contain several rebukes and corrections Mrs. Eddy administered to Mr. McClellan.)

While we are on the subject of obedience the following from Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy by James Gilman, seems pertinent:

In speaking of obedience, (Mrs. Eddy) referred to Mr. Nixon [an important early worker, not to be confused with Mr. Dixon] as embodying a general feeling of unwillingness to obey her implicitly as a little child [the same unwillingness the Board of Directors exhibited in regard to obeying the Manual]. She represented him (Mr. Nixon) as being in the attitude of mind to feel it beneath him to obey her because she was a woman. "He would declare himself ready to obey God in whatever He might require of him, but to obey a woman, bah!" Continuing, she said, "We understand God and are ready to obey Him only so far as we understand and are ready to obey His highest representative in mortal life. Our love for God and consequent willingness to obey Him is never greater than our love for and willingness to obey His highest demonstrator." [Two thousand years ago His highest demonstrator was Christ Jesus. In modern times His "highest demonstrator" was, is, Mary Baker Eddy.]

Valiant Warriors Arise to Defend Mary Baker Eddy

During the years that followed Frederick Dixon's parley with Director McClellan-as the Manual-terminated Board of Directors increasingly arrogated to themselves the mantle of authority on Christian Science-a few valiant warriors, stalwarts, who, not counting the cost to themselves, have done, and are continuing to do, their best to awaken the field. They have courageously come forward to defend Mary Baker Eddy's Manual By-Laws, to fight for a sacred cause against the injustice standing in a holy place.

These intrepid soldiers of the cross, fighting "in the trenches," persevered in their efforts to free the Christian Science movement from the reign of ecclesiasticism that is harming it. Confronted with traitors to the right of them, an apathetic field to the left of them, encountering scorn, ridicule and severe persecution, they persevered. They knew they had latched onto an issue that would not go away "until He whose right it is shall reign."

Today, as the fires of spiritual thinking are stoked, people are awakening, and are appalled at what has happened to the Christian Science movement. Now instead of continuing on with weary resignation, many are rising up in rebellion, demanding the umbilical cord to a dishonest Boston regime be cut.

The Organizational Mother Church Outlived Mrs. Eddy By Six Months

It can't be emphasized too strongly that THERE WAS NO MATERIAL MOTHER CHURCH after Mrs. Eddy left the human scene. At the annual meeting following her departure, no officer of The Mother Church could be elected without her consent (Manual p. 25). Her Manual shows that when she was no longer here The Mother Church assumed the status of a branch church, though a glorified one, entitled "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston." Mrs. Eddy's Manual freed this Boston church to manage only its own affairs as set forth in its Deed of Trust (ibid. p. 128). It also freed every individual Christian Scientist, as set forth in the documentation which will follow later.

Item From Los Angeles Times, June 2,1992

A prominent article, entitled, "Christian Science in Poor Health," appeared in the June 2, 1992 Los Angeles Times, stating:

By 1892, Eddy reorganized the church in its present form, with a powerful self-perpetuating Board of Directors whose members choose their successors-a structure that today leaves church critics with no direct power to change the church.

THIS IS INCORRECT. However, it is precisely what the Board of Directors wants the Christian Science field to believe, when exactly the opposite is true. The five-member Board was NOT self-perpetuating. It could not replace a lost member without Mrs. Eddy's consent as can be readily seen by turning to the Manual (p. 26, Sect. 5, Directors) and reading what Mrs. Eddy wrote.

Mrs. Eddy left a final plea to all loyal Christian Scientists: "I ask the help of others...that my students reprove, rebuke, and exhort. A lie left to itself is not so soon destroyed as it is with the help of truth telling." (My. 130:15)

Mrs. Eddy's Deeds of Trust

If Mrs. Eddy's Manual had been obeyed, the organizational Mother Church which dissolved six months after Mrs. Eddy's passing, would have taken on the status of a branch church and assumed its legal title: "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston." It was distinguished from all other branch churches by the preposition "The," namely, "The First Church of Christ, Scientist." It had no power over any church other than that one Boston church, as provided by Mrs. Eddy's Deed of Trust concerning it. (Manual, pp. 128-135.) That first deed-the Deed of 1892-conveyed property on which to build the original Mother Church. (*This deed states: "The congregation which shall worship in said church shall be styled "The First Church of Christ, Scientist" (Man. p. 132, item 6). This is in harmony with Mrs. Eddy's definition of "Church." (S&H. p. 583:12) In 1902 Mrs. Eddy began deeding to the four-member Board the property she had purchased for the Extension.

It should be noted that on March 18, 1903, the first two of the ten deeds needed to secure the property for the Extension were conveyed from Mrs. Eddy to the four fiduciary directors. The March 17, 1902 deed did not count as it did not contain the restrictionary "further trusts" provision. (Note: the Directors increased to five on February 7, 1902 and the March 17, 1902 deed had already been drafted and presented to Mrs. Eddy. **See the author's If Mary Baker Eddy's Manual Were Obeyed, pp. 218-219 for a complete plan of properties.)

Mrs. Eddy's Step 1 and 2 to Eliminate Organization

Because the Boston hierarchy has led most Christian Scientists into believing that the Board of Directors was Mrs. Eddy's successor, it can't be stressed too forcibly that The Mother Church was entirely under Mrs. Eddy's jurisdiction; the BOARD OF DIRECTORS WAS UNDER HER ABSOLUTE CONTROL. Nothing could operate without being subject to her approval. (See Manual p. 18:15, which states, that the reorganized church was "under her jurisdiction.") Mrs. Eddy was given absolute control of "Mother's Church," as the By-Laws containing estoppels show. (It should be noted, of course, that while twenty-nine functions could not continue without her, many other functions of the church went unimpeded by virtue of not having estoppel restraints with which to deal. "Estoppel" is a legal term for STOPPING an action.) Nothing could operate without her approval, consent, or her signature, as hereinafter explained. We should add here that ultimately every function was subject to her permission. She could, of course, allow something to go ahead which she saw was inappropriate since she was ready for her followers to "learn by what they suffer." (Suffer = Allow things to take place.)

And here it should also be noted that The Mother Church was not under Mrs. Eddy's absolute control from 1892 until 1895 when the first Manual appeared. For three years the re-organized church worked out the issues of organization without the benefit of the Manual. They operated under a modest form of cohesion with just a few pages of guidelines which were never even reduced into pamphlet or book form. Mrs. Eddy's absolute control, as we understand it today, must not be confused with the Historical Sketch assertion of the church being "under her jurisdiction." This was later amplified and expanded to include "absolute control" but that control had to first be rescued out of the hands of First Members, the Executive Members, then the General Association of Christian Science Teachers (twelve in number), then it had to be withdrawn from the five Directors, then deposited with the four Directors, then securely affixed into her own hand. Only then was it to be turned over to the eternal jurisdiction of the Church Manual. Something can be under our jurisdiction and still not be under our control.

Organizing "UNDER HER JURISDICTION" was Mrs. Eddy's first step in her plan to terminate material organization. Mrs. Eddy never wanted to re-organize. She warned the students repeatedly, "If you organize again, it will ruin the prosperity of our Church." But when her students insisted, she acquiesced, saying, "Suffer it to be so complete our church history."

Organizing "under her jurisdiction," and writing the Church Manual, were steps 1 and 2 in her plan to eliminate all centralized control.

Continued Organization is Death-knell to Learning Truth

Mrs. Eddy knew that continued organization would lower the curtain on effectively promoting and extending the Science of the Christ she had discovered and was teaching. In this Science, infinite good is found to be the Mind of man, and the entire being is found in Mind, God. Mrs. Eddy taught us that the mind we now have is the divine Mind (God) when free from hypnotic suggestion, "animal magnetism," and aggressive mental suggestion. The Science of the Christ cannot be materially organized anymore than can math, music, or sunlight. Material organization can only hinder our learning this Science.

The following quotations are just a few of the many references in Mrs. Eddy's first edition of Science and Health which may help to make clear her dread of organized religion. On pages 166-168, she states:

  • We have no need of creeds and church organizations to sustain or explain a demonstrable platform, that defines itself in healing the sick, and casting out error...
  • The mistake the disciples of Jesus made to found religious organizations and church rites, if indeed they did this, was one the Master did not make...
  • Jesus paid no homage to diplomas, to forms of church worship, or the theories of man, but acted and spake as he was moved by Spirit, the Principle of being...
  • He stood boldly up in the face of all accredited evidences of personal sense, Pharisaical creeds, etc., and refuted them all with his healing.
  • Christ's church was Truth ("I am Truth and Life") the temple for the worshipers of Truth is Spirit and not matter, even the Principle of man and the universe that calls on those professing godliness, to understand God, and to be absent from the body to be present with Him, and to claim their right of membership by destroying sickness, sin, and death. Is there any higher Christianity than this?...
  • No time was lost by our Master in organizations, rites, and ceremonies, or in proselyting for certain forms of belief: members of his church must answer to themselves, in the secret sanctuary of Soul, questions of the most solemn import.
  • First, am I surely gaining a victory over matter, and present with Spirit, present with Love and Truth, supping with them and they with me, gaining this oneness with God, of which Jesus spake, thus rising superior to personal sense, and conquering sickness, sin and death; am I caring less and less for earthly pleasures or pains, and getting out with the sinner and in with the saint?
  • The true answer to these inquiries will set us all right; they are the only signs significant of the burial of the body with Christ, and its resurrection with God, Truth, compared with which rites and ceremonies sink into insignificance. We have no record that forms of church worship were instituted by our great spiritual teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, and we learn the improbability of this, in the Science of God, that he taught and demonstrated. Said he, "The time now is when they that worship the Father should worship him in Spirit, and no longer in Jerusalem," (the wealth and learning) "of our temples"; a magnificent edifice was not the sign of Christ's Church.

The Real I of You is God (S&H 588:9)

Mary Baker Eddy did not hesitate to go beyond all preconceptions of the "I." Speaking of your real 'I,' she said the 'I' signifies God and not man, Principle and not person. The I, your I, is intelligence. (See also S&H 249:20.) "To admit oneself Soul," she said, "sets one free to master the infinite idea. The belief that God [infinite good] has a separate being leads to multitudinous errors [errors we experience in material organization]."

Man is the phenomena of Soul, true identity, intelligence. "When realizing Life as it is, namely, Soul, not sense, or the personal man, we shall expand into Truth and self-completeness that embrace all things" (First edition, p.223).

How can a Science that teaches us this great truth, this divine reality, have anything to do with material organization? A spiritual Science has nothing to do with five personalities called a Board of Directors. "The final understanding that we are Spirit must come," said Mrs. Eddy, "and we might as well improve our time in solving the so-called mysteries of today on this Principle."

In Christian Science we find our happiness, our paradise within us in the consciousness of heaven within us. "The kingdom of heaven is within you" (Luke 17:21). We learn heaven is not a place you go to, as Old Theology teaches. This brings to mind the experience of a Sunday School teacher, who, finding the classroom hot and stuffy, decided to move the children out to the sidewalk. Here he continued his teaching with, "Now, who wants to go to heaven?" Au raised their hands except Horace. Surprised, the teacher asked, "Horace, don't you want to go to heaven?" "Yes," replied Horace, "But I didn't know you wuz gettin' up a load right now!"

How God Answered Mrs. Eddy's Prayer-vs.-The Board's Tooth Fairy Approach

After her "suffer it to be so now" reorganization in 1892, Mrs. Eddy prayed day and night for a God-directed way to lay off church organization. She didn't want the Second Coming of the Christ to meet with the same fate that befell the First Coming when, upon what the disciples understood of Jesus' message, an organization, a church, came forth. Jesus' partially understood message crystallized into a creed, and before long the principle concern of the church was to sustain itself as an organization. This very thing has happened to the Christian Science movement today, with little thought given to what Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy taught. Her solution was Step 2, the Manual.

Are we today giving devoted thought to what our Leader taught, namely: that our own "I" is God, Mind, when rightly viewed? (See S&H 588:9). When will you and I see that the mind we now have is the divine Mind, which is able to view all things rightly when free from hypnotic suggestion, when not looking "through a glass, darkly"? There is only one Mind, the God-Mind, infinite good. And that is your Mind now. This is what the spiritual symbol of St. John's God-crowned woman in Revelation XII is telling us, and "when each individual reflects this 'God-crowned woman' -reflects the motherhood of Love within himself -what need is there to look to a mother-authority external to himself? In 1908 therefore, Mrs. Eddy abolished the communion season in The Mother Church (because it had become a communion between branch and Mother), but she left the branches' communion service to be a matter for each branch with its divine Principle, Love. Indeed by this time she has made it legally impossible for The Mother Church, without her, to exercise its maternal control... The textbook now is the mother and the leader, and the personal revelator can depart. It remains for the students to prove that Christian Science is the Science of inorganic being" (Mrs. Eddy's Other Writings-John Morgan).

How God Led Mrs. Eddy to Make the Manual A Legal Instrument

First, Mrs. Eddy bought the needed parcels of land for the Extension. The answer for ending material organization, she knew, lay in how she would deed this property to the FOUR Directors to whom ten years previously she had deeded land for the original Mother Church.

There were thirteen deeds, ten of which had restrictive clauses. Of these ten, the first nine were nearly identical in wording with the last By-Law in the Manual, namely, Amendment of By-Laws. p. 105. "No new Tenet or By-Law shall be adopted, nor any Tenet or By-Law amended or annulled, without the written consent of Mary Baker Eddy, the author of our textbook, Science and Health." (She substituted only "the" textbook, for "our" textbook, since she had a premonition that the Manual would some day be adjudicated in the courts of our land, where it might not be the textbook of the lawyers taking part.) The TENTH deed additionally held a non-modification, non-waiver clause. It seals everlastingly her plan for the human race. It absolutely sets in concrete for time and eternity that no one can in any way alter, modify, waive or effect a change in any of the Manual's By-Law estoppel clauses. This should be clear even to those who are programmed to speak no evil against God, motherhood, and the Boston hierarchy.

You can no more organize the Science of being than you can organize the sunlight. "God, infinite good, is ALL."

The thirteen Deeds of Trust were brought to light in Michael Meehan's Proceedings in Equity during the 1919-1921 "Great Litigation." But it seems that it took another sixty years of progress Spiritward to gain the true meaning of what these deeds have all along been telling us; and to see the spiritual greatness of Mary Baker Eddy's plan of liberation for the human race.

Step 3-Mrs. Eddy Provided Ten More Deeds of Trust

Ten years after Mrs. Eddy executed the 1892 Deed which set up The First Church of Christ, Scientist, it was proposed that an Extension to the original Mother Church be built. This proposal, Mrs. Eddy saw, would hold the answer she had prayed for since the re-organization of 1892. She now saw how she could use this proposal (to build an Extension) to gracefully and legally, terminate church organization when she was no longer here to oversee its every detail. She knew her third step must be a way to make the Church Manual a LEGAL instrument (since a church manual, as an ecclesiastical document, would have no chance of being taken seriously in a court of human law.)

Mrs. Eddy's Manual Terminated Organizational Mother Church

Mrs. Eddy's Manual as she left it, terminated the material Mother Church since no officer to run "The Mother Church" could be elected without Mrs. Eddy's consent. As stated in the Manual it should be emphasized that no function of the organizational Mother Church could continue without Mrs. Eddy's consent, approval, or her signature in her own handwriting. At Mrs. Eddy's departure, The Mother Church building became more like a special branch church, and assumed its legal title: "The First Church of Christ Scientist, Boston." Remember here too, that it is the congregation which shall worship in said church [that] shall be styled "The First Church of Christ, Scientist" (Man. p. 132:4). It had no control over any other branch church. This is set forth, as already mentioned, in Mrs. Eddy's 1892 Deed of Trust (Manual p. 128).

Today we hear the COPs (Committee on Publication) blathering to the press: "The Mother Church is governed by the Church Manual. The Manual guides the actions of the five-member Board of Directors" (July 1992 Yankee). This COP obviously has never read the relentlessly stuffy, woodenly earnest little volume called the Manual- it's lack of humor doesn't invite avid interest-or else he is guilty of what Mrs. Eddy abhorred. She said: "When anyone argues in justification of error to cover it up against their honest convictions, it fills me with righteous indignation beyond any other form of error" (DCC 182).

As stated earlier, at Mrs. Eddy's departure The Mother Church assumed its legal title, "The First Church of Christ, Scientist' It had more the status of a branch church, and when the Board of Directors of this church assumed control of every Christian Science branch church in the world, disaster followed, just as Mrs. Eddy expected. She was painfully aware that "power corrupts," and we saw this happen after her departure. The Board of Directors encouraged the tattling on teachers and practitioners who talked "too freely." Heads began to roll when prominent Christian Scientists who, seeing further spiritually than the Board of Directors, raised an outcry.

Ecclesiastical Tyranny

As the forces of ecclesiasticism kept adding notches to their belt many of our best thinkers disappeared. Dissenters, those with courage to speak the truth, were put on the rack, summarily excommunicated, or disciplined and warned. This caused fear, "the weapon of tyrants," to reign. It ended the wondrous progress Christian Science had been making.

During the same interview cited earlier, the Committee on Publication was asked the question: "Can a Christian Scientist be excommunicated?" The COP replied: "There are provisions in the Manual to allow for excommunication of members. These are applied in rare instances only after every effort is made to resolve differences through dialogue with the member and sincere prayer."

Friends, it grieves me to point out that this is a joke! In the first place, the Manual terminated the five-member Board that would be doing the excommunicating. The Board of Directors (who simply refused to acknowledge that they no longer existed!) did pounce on and excommunicate those who were chiefly the best, wisest and most spiritually-minded. The cruelty and mental suffering inflicted all too often (not in "rare instances") caused many a Christian Scientist to spend his last earthly days in pain and grief.

Dubbing themselves "The Highest Ecclesiastical Court in The Land" the hierarchy proceeded with great "spiritual" haughtiness to issue royal edicts. With lordly patronizing presumptuousness, they have demanded that their injunctions be obeyed. End of "dialogue" and "sincere prayer." (This assessment is done without any intention of hurting the Board's feelings, and we trust that revealing this saga of misdeeds will not cause the hierarchy to drown in a "Slough of Despond.")

But "all the darkness in the world cannot overcome the light shed by a single candle." We are grateful for the champions of liberty who have fed, and are continuing to feed, the flame of spiritual light, who dare to put their faith in her who brought the Second Coming of the Christ. We know that whatever hinders or threatens free thought is perilous, and we should demonstrate its nothingness wherever it seems to appear. We all must eventually demonstrate the nothingness of domination, selfishness and greed; they are misconceptions that hinder thought from thinking scientifically.

The Shadow of a Great Rock In a Weary Land

"From first to last The Mother Church seemed type and shadow of the warfare between the flesh and Spirit, even that shadow whose substance is the divine Spirit, imperatively propelling the greatest moral, physical, civil, and religious reform ever known on earth. In the words of the prophet: 'The shadow of a great rock in a weary land"' (Pul. p. 20:19).

Where Were the Other "Extension" Deeds?

One of the deeds concerning the Extension is shown on p. 138 of the Manual. But since Mrs. Eddy had purchased thirteen parcels of land where were the other vitally important deeds? Why had they been only peeked at during the 1919-1921 "Great Litigation?" Why, through insidious pressure from the hierarchy, has the field been tricked and trapped into never investigating these deeds which only briefly, uncomprehendingly, surfaced during the great lawsuit?

Why is the scandal-scarred Boston hierarchy, even today, referring the sheep to the 73rd and 57th Manual, incorrectly interpreting these as a basis for their claim to power? Reeling from all the adverse publicity, we see here a hierarchy scrambling in a last-ditch dishonest effort to keep itself in the saddle through its benighted emissaries. Do YOU have the 73rd and 57th Manual? Those who are pushing this crafty maneuver are well-aware that few have these early Manuals to see for themselves what they actually say. The 73rd Manual refers us to "subsequent" Manuals, not to "previous" Manuals.

Must We Learn the Hard Way?

In the matter of the pertinent deeds remaining so long hidden, could it be that Christian Scientists had to learn the hard way that turning to persons (to five personalities in Boston) for guidance- instead of to divine Principle as All-in-all-leads to disaster? Could this be why Mrs. Eddy's ten deeds that contain her vital, indispensable restrictive clauses-that make the Manual a legal instrument and solve, at last, the problem that has brought the great Christian Science movement to its knees- remained hidden for over seven decades? "Time tells all tales true," Mrs. Eddy was fond of saying. And today a new understanding is being born on the Boston hierarchy's ash pile.

Mrs. Eddy's Ten Deeds Re-discovered

In 1980 the intrepid chairman of United Christian Scientists-in search of a copy of Mrs. Eddy's signature when she was eighty-nine years of age-was divinely led to the basement of the Court House Annex on Beacon Hill, in Boston, Massachusetts. He states:

In the Court House, in the subterranean basement, I found the Deed Book. Everything was there exactly as it appears in our Manual. But it said: "See Deeds in Book (so and so)." I found the next book under a quarter inch of dust that had gathered during all these decades. Opening it, lo and behold! Here were ten more Deeds of Trust!

So it came to pass that in God's own time these deeds, hidden since their brief airing during the "Great Litigation," will now play the part Mrs. Eddy intended for them. They will fulfill Mrs. Eddy's prophecy that "the Manual will be acknowledged as law by law," as we will presently show.

Mrs. Eddy's 1892 Deed of Trust

In her 1892 Deed of Trust Mrs. Eddy appointed four (4) Directors to look after "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston" (Manual p. 128). They had no power over any church other than this church: The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, and church property. They could appoint successors as long as necessary WITHOUT Mrs. Eddy's consent. This 1892 Deed is limited to ONLY The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. It does NOT pertain to THE MOTHER CHURCH which was Mrs. Eddy's church while she was here in person to administer it.

After Mrs. Eddy's departure Christian Scientists had no further excuse for localizing The Mother Church. "Mother" is defined in the "Glossary" (S&H 592:16) as "God; divine and eternal Principle; Life, Truth, and Love." "Church" is defined in the "Glossary" as "The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle..." (ibid. 583:12). Church is something the Christian Scientist IS. Church is not an edifice the Christian Scientist enters and prays to "become.

A Tale of Two Boards

Four-member Board and Five-member Board NOT the Same

Contrary to what the earlier-mentioned Los Angeles Times article states, Mrs. Eddy's Manual TERMINATED the five-member Board of Directors of The Mother Church when she was no longer here. This has to be repeated ad infinitum because the field has been so thoroughly impregnated with the false notion that the Board of Directors is Mrs. Eddy's successor. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

Page 27:1 of the Manual states: "The business of The Mother Church shall be transacted by its [five-member] Christian Science Board of Directors." But six months after Mrs. Eddy passed on, the organizational Mother Church ended since NO office of The Mother Church could be filled without Mrs. Eddy's consent and approval. The five-member Mother Church Board of Directors is not her successor. They had NO RIGHT OF SUCCESSORSHIP.

Here remember that when the church reorganized in 1892, it "reorganized under her jurisdiction." This gradually gave Mrs. Eddy absolute power to terminate the organizational Mother Church and its five-member Board at any time. This termination took place December 3 and was confirmed in June of 1911 when no officer of The Mother Church could be elected without Mrs. Eddy's "approval," or "consent ...given in her own handwriting" (Manual p. 25-26). Also, when a member of the five-member Board passed on a year later, he could not be replaced without Mrs. Eddy's personal approval (ibid. p. 26, Sect. 5).

Who or What is Mrs. Eddy's Successor

Here the question may be asked: Who or what IS Mrs. Eddy's "successor"? The Board of Directors was NOT her successor. Mrs. Eddy indicates that her successor is "the Church Universal and Triumphant" (Manual p. 19:6). "Uni" means one. There is only one infinite being. "There is but one I, or Us" (S&H 588:11). It is our real "I." This I functions as individual and indivisible Mind. It is your real Mind here and now, when it is freed from hypnotic suggestion and awakened out of the Adam-dream sleep.

Why is it "tri-umphant"? Because its threefold, triune, tri-unity, Principle, Life, Truth and Love eternally constitutes our true being, so that (in reality) we dwell in "the consciousness of Love forever" (S&H 578:17). This "marvelous [tri]-unity of man with God [is] shadowed forth in scientific thought" (Un. 5:24). This has been made clear by our Leader, and we find our Leader in her writings.

Mrs. Eddy's "successor" will be revealed by man, "the image and likeness of the Father-Mother God..." (My. 347:2). Mrs. Eddy speaks of her successor as a revelation-"will reveal my successor"- rather than a person since Science and Health is her successor; and as we spiritually assimilate what is in Science and Health-we become the revelation. We EACH make ourselves Mrs. Eddy's successor in proportion to our "understanding and demonstration of divine Truth, Life, and Love, healing and saving the world from sin and death; thus to reflect in some degree the Church Universal and Triumphant" (Manual p. 19)

Obedience to Mrs. Eddy's Manual means obeying the Manual as she wrote it, not as the five-member Board of Directors disobediently paid the lawyers to interpret it-to interpret it in such a way as to make the Manual-terminated Mother Church Board of Directors Mrs. Eddy's successors at her passing. This was done, not in a blaze of glory, but in a sly surreptitious way. At Mrs. Eddy's passing the Board simply announced to the press that they were Mrs. Eddy's successors. That settled it. Few were aware of the treachery being perpetrated, and so, unwittingly, became a part of the ecclesiastical soap opera that has continued to the present day.

A Third Step Toward Terminating Organization:

The Temporary Fifth Director

In 1902 Mrs. Eddy asked in essence, that temporarily (while she was present with us to govern The Mother Church, her Church, "Mother's Church") a fifth Director be appointed. This temporary Board was appointed to TRANSACT THE BUSINESS OF THE MOTHER CHURCH under Mrs. Eddy's jurisdiction. To distinguish this temporary Board from the LEGAL four-member Board that would care for The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, when Mrs. Eddy was no longer here, Mrs. Eddy added a fifth Director, namely, Archibald McClellan. Adding a fifth Director was- 28 -another step in Mrs. Eddy's plan to terminate organization at her passing. This temporary five-member Board did NOT have the right to appoint successors. (See Manual, 26, Sect 5.) It could not fill a vacancy on "THAT" Board without Mrs. Eddy's approval. Note: "THEY SHALL FILL A VACANCY ON THAT BOARD AFTER THE CANDIDATE IS APPROVED BY THE PASTOR EMERITUS" (Man. p. 26). By terminating (when she was no longer here) the five-member Board who transacted the business of The Mother Church, we can see how Mrs. Eddy was laying plans for terminating all centralized control.

Again, the five-member Board had to do with The Mother Church ONLY. Note: "The business of The Mother Church shall be transacted by ITS (five-member) Christian Science Board of Directors" (Manual p. 27). Because the field has been so thoroughly indoctrinated with the WRONG belief that the Board of Directors is Mrs. Eddy's successor, it cannot be impressed too vigorously that, AFTER MRS. EDDY'S PASSING, THERE NO LONGER WAS A LOCALIZED, MATERIAL "MOTHER" CHURCH, since no officer could be elected without her (the Pastor Emeritus') consent.

The Only By-Law the Board of Directors Wanted Changed

The above mentioned By-Law (Manual p. 26. Directors, Sect. 5) regarding the termination of the five (5) member Board, when Mrs. Eddy was no longer here to give her approval, was the only By-Law the Directors pleaded with Mrs. Eddy to change. But she firmly declared that God had dictated that By-Law estoppel. (Mrs. Eddy, discerning her Board of Directors' thoughts, frequently chided and rebuked them for seeing her, as we today might say, "with one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel." She urged them to hold her in thought as vigorous, valiant, and victorious over the "creeping things.")

This estoppel that the five-member Board complained about (along with the other estoppels) was, of course, Mrs. Eddy's God-given answer concerning how to set the Christian Science movement free from material organization. When with her By-Law estoppel clauses she terminated all central control, she set every Christian Scientist free to follow her teachings as given in her writings, the Second Coming of the Christ.

Once more, it must be clear that from a strictly legal standpoint the Mother Church activities, which the Manual's estoppels forbade, came to a halt six months after Mrs. Eddy's passing, when at- 30 -the annual meeting in June, 1911, no officer of The Mother Church could be elected without Mary Baker Eddy's consent. The church then assumed its legal title, namely, "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston," with power only over the Boston Church and its property, as given to it in the Deed of Trust, Manual, p. 128. Then the following year, in June of 1912, a member of the five-member Board passed on and could not be replaced without Mrs. Eddy's approval.

'You Find Me in My Writings'

What and where is our Leader? Mrs. Eddy said, "Those who look for me in person or elsewhere than in my writings, lose me instead of find me" (My. 120:2). We find our Leader only in her writings.

But wait! Mrs. Eddy tells us: My book is not all you know of me (My 133:22). What did she mean? Here Mrs. Eddy confides:

I have a secret to tell you and a question to ask. Do you know how much I love you and the nature of this love? No: then my SACRED SECRET is incommunicable, and we live apart. But, yes: and this inmost something becomes articulate, and my book is NOT all you know of me. But your knowledge with its magnitude of meaning uncovers my life, even as your heart has discovered it. The spiritual bespeaks our temporal history.

As we become real and consecrated warriors giving ourselves wholly and irrevocably to the great work of establishing the truth necessary for the salvation of the world, we grow in the spiritual understanding of her books and her life. This adds a new dimension to what we know of her. Reading between the lines we see her life is depicted in the chapter "Atonement and Eucharist" in Science and Health.

In a conversation with a spiritually-minded dear friend, he decoded Mrs. Eddy's cryptic prophecy and "sacred secret" substantially as follows:

"If we know how much she loves us then we know something that we have learned other than what is in her books-we have found her elsewhere than in her writings. But where? In our qualification for church membership it says: 'The BIBLE, together with Science and Health and other works by Mrs. Eddy, shall be [our] only textbooks for self-instruction in Christian Science' (Manual 34).

"While Miscellany 120:2 tells us we find her only in her writings, yet here she tells us she has 'a sacred secret,' namely, 'my book is NOT ALL you know of me.' Where else do we find her? Where else do we learn about our Leader other than in her writings? Obviously in the Bible! There is our answer to the great Bliss Knapp controversy raging today: Is she fulfilling Bible prophecy?-'Am I not fulfilling the prophecy of the woman of the Apocalypse?' she is asking. 'I have a secret', she is telling us, and affirming, 'If you know my love for you, you will know it too.'"

So it is not only in our Leader's writings that we find her, we find her in the sacred Scriptures. And on the previous page (My. 132:12) she tells us: 'Oh, may this hour be prolific, and at this time and in every heart may there come this benediction: Thou hast no longer to appeal to human strength, to strive with agony.' Then, Mrs. Eddy states unequivocally, 'I AM THY DELIVERER.'"

Only the Christ can say that! But she came as close to saying that as anyone possibly could. 'I AM THY DELIVERER.' The Second Coming of the Christ which she brought is our 'deliverer.' [Those of us who have experienced wonderful healings in Christian Science through reading the textbook, or through the work of Christian Science practitioners, know what this means-we are grateful for this Second Coming of the Christ that Mrs. Eddy's writings brought. We know what was our 'deliverer.']

"Mrs. Eddy's statement, 'I am thy Deliverer,' is truly a revelation because in all Christian history the only deliverer, redeemer, was Jesus Christ. But here Mary Baker Eddy is telling all mankind: I am thy deliverer. Jesus said the Comforter would complete his work on earth, and reveal 'ALL' Truth. The woman, as Jeremiah prophesied: 'shall compass a man.' Her work completes that of Christ Jesus. It is now through Mary Baker Eddy that mankind receives eternal salvation through her completion of the work of Christ Jesus, as he himself said the Comforter, Science, would do."

Mary Baker Eddy's work is a continuation or extension of the work of Christ Jesus. Through Mary Baker Eddy, primitive Christianity has been extended into this Age. Its new name is Science. Today, salvation is the product of understanding the joint demonstration which Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy equally share. Salvation instantaneously occurs when the work Christ Jesus initiated and Mary Baker Eddy completed is understood as one undivided and uninterrupted process. The Christ of Jesus brings God down to individual man in Christianity and the Christ of Mary Baker Eddy elevates individual man up to God in Science. One Christ with a dual function. These two complimentary processes equate to ONE salvation, or God and man ONE."

Mrs. Eddy states we can read her books, but if we don't know the love she has for us, then her 'secret' is unknown. And her 'secret' is that she is the Christ to this age. She is 'the second witness that stands before the God of the whole earth.' We don't find that in her writings. But here Mrs. Eddy- 34 -is saying-she has actually put it here in writing-if you know how much I love you...this inmost something becomes articulate, and my book is not all you know of me.

"Of course, it is not all. There is much more that we know about her, and we have learned it in the Bible. The Bible is full of the prophecies of the woman who would bring the Second Coming of the Christ.

"So here, on page 133 of Miscellany, is a plainspoken, straight to the heart appeal to the spiritually minded, that if we know how much she loves us, if we feel her love for us, then we know more about her than what her books contain. And the only place we learn about Mrs. Eddy other than in her writings, is in the Bible. The Scriptures are full of prophecies of the coming of "the woman." And in the entire Scriptures, from Genesis through Revelation, the real issue is not whether Mrs. Eddy is the woman of the Apocalypse. The real issue is: Does Mary Baker Eddy represent the ideal woman who appeared in the first day of creation with God? Have we been attacking the problem from the wrong end of the book? Might we not call this an excavation-shoveling away the debris of the centuries to reveal reality?"

Mrs. Eddy's Writings Include the Manual

Returning now to Mrs. Eddy's writings: These writings include the Manual as she wrote it and left it for us with its estoppels. (Remember, in the Manual, estoppels are those clauses that stopped an action when Mrs. Eddy was no longer here to supervise.) Looking from today's perspective we can see that the Manual estoppels were Mrs. Eddy's only reason for writing a Manual. She said she considered her Manual second only to Science and Health in importance. She wrote and copyrighted the Manual. (See Manual p. 104:3.) Therefore we find our Leader in her Manual with its By-Law estoppels. We do not find her in the legal fraternity's interpretation of the Manual, namely, their finding that "The old lady cannot rule from the grave." Loyal Christian Scientists know that "Eternity (not the legal profession) awaits our Manual."

Today, many at "headquarters" are in a high dudgeon over the ferreting out of "who done it?"-who caused the present embarrassing exposures? Some plaintive voices from the chicken coop are calling; "T'aint no one here but us long-time supporters of our great Leader, Mary Baker Eddy." "Hypocrisy is ever the homage vice plays to virtue." It's time to start cutting our spiritual teeth.

Continued Organization Retards Spiritual Advancement

Remembering that she insisted her Manual was second only to Science and Health in importance, it should be obvious from all Mrs. Eddy has written derogating organization, how strongly she felt that "continued organization retards spiritual growth." And her Manual for all "eternity" definitely prevents five personalities from sinking the divine Principle of her great discovery and revelation in personality. No one knew better than Mrs. Eddy that "there was never a religion or philosophy lost to the centuries except by sinking its divine Principle in personality" (My. 117:22).

The first Christian Science church from 1879 to 1889 was a democratic church. What the majority voted for, ruled. But when they RE-organized in 1892, that changed. She took over lock, stock, and barrel. It was no longer democratic. Twelve students met with Mrs. Eddy, and as mentioned before, "RE-organized UNDER HER JURISDICTION." The Mother Church then became a theocracy; Mrs. Eddy-the Christ Mind-was given absolute control which she used to gradually turn it all over to the eternal jurisdiction of the Church Manual.

Once more, it is absolutely critical to understand that no church officer of The Mother Church could be elected without Mrs. Eddy's approval. Page 25 of the Manual shows that the President must have Mrs. Eddy's approval. The Clerk, the Treasurer, and the Committee on Publication could NOT continue after the consent of Mrs. Eddy "in her own handwriting" could no longer be obtained. At Mrs. Eddy's passing, The Mother Church assumed its legal title. It became "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston," and continued to be governed by the Church Manual. It is a fact that the deed of 1892 caused the Church to exist, but the Church Manual regulates "how" that created Church would exist throughout all time and on into eternity.

Remember it's "the congregation which shall worship in said Church shall be styled 'The First Church of Christ, Scientist"'; and "Church" is "The structure of Truth and Love" that constitutes our real being, our consciousness (S&H 583:12). Thus the true Church goes on forever.

The Church Manual dictates the way the Boston Church ONLY is to function or NOT function. The Church Manual to this day governs the Church created by the September 1, 1892 deed.

How was the property of this beloved and magnificent edifice of "The First Church of Christ, Scientist" to be maintained? The original little church and the Extension in Boston will continue to draw countless thousands of loyal Christian Scientists who stare up at these beautiful symbols -"Our prayer in stone"-with reverential awe. What was Mrs. Eddy's provision for them? Her Publishing Society Deed of Trust has in it a stipulation that provided for the upkeep of the property of The First Church of Christ, Scientist.

Thus after Mrs. Eddy's passing, when there was no longer a Mother Church to which members could belong and pay a per capita tax to maintain the church property in Boston, Mrs. Eddy provided that surplus funds from the Publishing Society were to be turned over to the treasurer of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, for the maintenance of the Boston church property-the original little church and the Extension.

Board of Directors Breaks Mrs. Eddy's Publishing Deed

As long as Mrs. Eddy's Publishing Society Deed was honored (before the "Suit in Equity," also called "The Great Litigation"), the profits turned over to the Treasurer of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, were huge. But a change came after Mrs. Eddy's Publishing Society Deed of Trust was broken. Despotic control of ecclesiasticism, masquerading as the Christian Science organization, began at once to put freedom through the shredder, demanding the Boston Board be allowed to govern the thoughts of Christian Scientists and keep us in the wilderness forever.

This infamy resulted in sharply reduced revenues from the Publishing Society. Pioneering creative thinkers were no longer free to break through the inherited mold of scholastic theology and "keep abreast of the times." Our greatest and best thinkers were shunned as prophets without honor. Had The Christian Science Monitor continued, as under Mrs. Eddy's supervision, it would have continued to "spread undivided the Science that operates unspent," and to bless "all mankind." Instead it has failed to prevent the mental pollution from mass media communications that is today contaminating the minds of untold millions. In addition, it has all but stopped spiritual healing. Today we must, through deeper consecration to what is in our textbook, recapture the great light that shone from Mary Baker Eddy's consciousness. She taught us Spirit is the ONLY. Spirit is what is really there, but it looks like matter; so we have to dematerialize it-de-materialize our concept of Spirit, omnipresent infinite good.

"The Manual Will Save the Cause"

Why did Mrs. Eddy tell Prof. Hering, "The Manual will save the Cause"? Why did she write (My. 230:1): "...eternity awaits our Church Manual" which Revelation 12 tells us is destined to rule "with a rod of iron"? Why did Mrs. Eddy insist the By-Laws "were impelled by a power not one's own"? (Man. iii). Why did she insist that every By-Law was "inspired," that "I wrote the Manual just as I wrote Science and Health"?

"The Manual Will Be Acknowledged As Law By Law"

Again, why did she tell other students: "The Manual will be acknowledged as law by law"? (The Cross and Crown, p.322).To reiterate, the answer to this question lies with the restrictive clauses in the deeds concerning the land for the Extension-land Mrs. Eddy bought and deeded to the same legal FOUR (4) member Board to whom she had previously given the property on which to build the original Mother Church.

The Manual Shows a Second Deed of Trust

To repeat, pages 136-138 of the Manual show a second deed. What does this deed concern? It pertains to one of the ten parcels of land, mentioned earlier, on which to build the Extension to the original Mother Church building. The first deed, in 1892, conveyed land for the Church edifice. The second deed, in 1903, conveyed land for Church purposes. What was/is the "purpose" of the Extension? To legally box the Directors into strict compliance and performance after Mrs. Eddy's passing-to begin at once to dematerialize and disorganize, the centralized material organization.

The Extension could serve no higher or more important "purpose." (See "Pond and Purpose" Mis. 203.)The second deed (Man. p. 136) was one of the ten by which Mrs. Eddy conveyed the ten parcels of land she purchased on which to build the Extension. This deed was given to the same four Directors of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, as the 1892 Deed on the previous page of the Manual. But it speaks of "FURTHER" trusts, namely: "this property is conveyed on the further trusts that no new Tenet or By-Law shall be adopted, nor any Tenet or By-Law amended or annulled by the grantees unless the written consent of said Mary Baker G. given therefore."

The Ten Deeds Hold the Key

Why is the hiding of these pertinent documents one of the most important factors in the drastic decline of Mary Baker Eddy's great Christian Science movement? Why is it causing a high-ranking member of the forbidden ecclesiastical hierarchy to sanctimoniously intone to church members: "We'll want to think together about whether our movement is in danger of being lost"?

The reason, of course, is disobedience to the Manual's estoppel By-Laws. We see now why these ten Deeds of Trust which for so long were deviously and fraudulently concealed by the Boston hierarchy, hold the key to Mrs. Eddy's statement that the Manual will "be acknowledged as law by law," because in each one of those ten Deeds of Trust given to the four-member Board, is a "FURTHER" trust; namely, as found in the sample deed (one of the ten) at the end of the Manual, p. 136 and 137, which states: "...this property is conveyed on the FURTHER trusts that no new Tenet or By-Law shall be adopted, nor any Tenet or By-Law amended or annulled by the grantees unless the written consent of said Mary Baker G. Eddy, the author of the textbook, Science and given therefore."

This stipulation, appearing in every one of the ten Deeds of Trust, makes the Manual a legal instrument, legally enforcing precisely the same stipulation which appears on Manual page 105, under "Amendment of By-Laws, Sect. 3," which reads: "No new Tenet or By-Law shall be adopted, nor any Tenet or By-Law amended or annulled, without the written consent of Mary Baker Eddy, the author of our textbook, Science and Health." The only way the Board could have ignored the estoppel would have been to refuse to accept the deeds to the land.

Interlocking of Deeds With Manual Estoppel

Whether the Directors were aware of it or not, their acceptance of this deeded land legally bound the Directors to obey the estoppel clauses in the Manual. Why? Because the "FURTHER TRUSTS" in the real estate deeds interlocked with the last estoppel in the Manual, which reads, as already quoted twice: "No new Tenet or By-Law shall be adopted, nor any Tenet or By-Law amended or annulled without the written consent of Mary Baker Eddy, the author of our textbook, Science and Health."

This stipulation legally bound the Directors then in office, and their successors-remember it is the "Manual of the First Church of Christ, Scientist"-to obey the Manual as Mrs. Eddy wrote it. Among other By-Laws, it bound them to obey the plainly stated By-Law on page 26, Sect. 5, which states unequivocally that the five-member Board which transacted the business of The Mother Church could not fill a vacancy on that Board without Mrs. Eddy's approval. When she was no longer here, The Mother Church assumed its legal title under its four member Board which had control ONLY over the Boston Church.

Today, with the sad division staining the ongoing history of the Christian Science movement, it is a question of "Do we obey Mary Baker Eddy's Manual as she wrote it, or do we obey a self-appointed Board of five Directors, who hired lawyers to interpret the Manual in such a way as to leave them (the five-member Board) in power after Mary Baker Eddy's divinely-dictated Manual terminated their positions?

Terminated Organizational "Mother Church" Becomes

"The First Church of Christ, Scientist"

Under Article XXXV, "For The Mother Church Only," Mrs. Eddy writes: "The Church Manual of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass., written by Mary Baker Eddy and copyrighted is adapted to The Mother Church only... This Manual shall not be revised without the written consent of its author" (Manual 104). The ten Deeds of Trust legally enforce this By-Law. After Mrs. Eddy's passing and there no longer was a localized "Mother Church," The Mother Church became something you had in your heart, and the property assumed its legal title: The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, having the status of a branch church. Again remember, it was "the congregation, which shall worship in said church shall be styled 'The First Church of Christ, Scientist."'

The Disobedient Board of Directors'

Illegal, Spurious and Misleading 89th Manual

The 88th Manual was the last one put out by Mrs. Eddy. But when she refused to write a By-Law transferring her power to the FIVE (5)-member Board, one of the Directors, Archibald McClellan and Mrs. Eddy's publisher, secretly, without authority from Mrs. Eddy, had the Plimpton Press print a Manual that would be ready to go to the field at Mrs. Eddy's passing. Immediately upon Mrs. Eddy's departure, the plates of this altered Manual, the 89th, were pulled from the safe, printed and sent surreptitiously to all Christian Science Reading Rooms to replace Mrs. Eddy's 88th, and last, Manual.

In their attempt to erase the shadows of Mary Baker Eddy, this 1911, 89th Manual, put out by the five-member Board, removed Mrs. Eddy's name as head of the church, defiantly replacing it with their own names, with the five-member Board of Directors, which the Manual, if OBEYED, had terminated. (Her name was restored in 1924 only because of pressure from the field.)

In their spurious 89th Manual, this Board- which, again, remember, Mrs. Eddy's By-Laws specifically and legally terminated-decided they must have dominion over every Christian Science church in the world; and to make sure nothing- 46 -would knock the wheels off their bandwagon, they infamously, shamefully, added the three words on pages 120 and 127: "AND BRANCH CHURCHES." Under it they wrote: "Republished from the Sentinel." But in the Sentinel it says only: "Present order of the Services in The Mother Church." It does NOT add: "and branch churches." As before noted, the Manual states, page 104, Art. XXXV: "For The Mother Church Only."

In the same interview quoted earlier, the COP was asked yet another question by the press: "When was the last time Mrs. Eddy revised the Manual?" The COP, either through ignorance or fearful of losing his job if he answered truthfully, quibbled: "Mrs. Eddy made her last revision to the Manual not long before she died in December, 1910. This last edition-the 89th-came off the press early in January 1911. This edition is the final version and is the one that is still in use today" (Yankee, July, 1992).

This, of course, as previously explained, is a complete fabrication! To this type of intentional or witless unintentional falsehood, Mrs. Eddy would have responded: "When the Discoverer of Christian Science in this age must deal with sinning, so-called Christian Scientists, [then] those who know their Leader as she is [as the one scripturally prophesied to bring the promised Comforter] must be- 47 -awake to the delusions of malicious animal magnetism that would make Jerusalem a waste and desert place. Take up those transgressors in our midst who would undo the work of their Leader... Waken to the need of this hour that those who would set aside the Manual of The Mother Church with its JUST By-Laws see the sinfulness of their ways." (Preserved by Carpenter Foundation.) It appears that for the Boston hierarchy's ecclesiastical dictatorship the trip to the spiritual world may be one of history's most undisciplined and slowest rides.

"Tell the Truth Concerning the Lie."-Mary Baker Eddy

In strong language Mrs. Eddy condemned the practice of only denouncing error in general, "saying nothing, in particular, of error that is damning men [leading them to falsely believe the Manual-terminated Board of Directors is Mrs. Eddy's successor]. They [those that try to argue in justification of error to cover it up, against their honest convictions, which Mrs. Eddy once said filled her with righteous indignation beyond any other form of error] are sticklers for a false, convenient peace, straining at gnats and swallowing camels. The unseen wrong to individuals and society [the wrong of flagrantly disobeying Mrs. Eddy's Manual estoppel By-Laws] they are too cowardly, too ignorant, or too wicked to uncover, and excuse themselves by denying that this evil exists. This mistaken way, of hiding sin in order to maintain harmony, has licensed evil, allowing it first to smoulder, and then break out in devouring flames [as it has today]. All that error asks is to be let alone" (My. 210:21). But when error is let alone and has its way unchallenged, we are eventually confronted with chaos on an unimaginable scale.

Lack of Principle in Christian Science Schools

One of the saddest consequences of disobedience to Mrs. Eddy's Manual is that the Directors in Boston have seeming control of, or at least great influence over, the so-called "Christian Science Schools." And, until the extraordinary web of lies and deceit spun by this ecclesiastical hierarchy crumbles, it will continue to deprive the children enrolled in these venerable schools of a true estimate of her who brought the Second Coming of the Christ.

Instead of spiritually educating students to be powerful leaders in Christian Science through an understanding of the woman of prophecy, and training young people to become leaders in explaining the Second Coming of the Christ, young people are taught the official Boston line about the ingeniously contrived legal settlement concerning the Board of Directors. Considering this rampant dishonesty, is it surprising that these revered, time honored schools are concerned about lack of enrollment? If Christian Science schools defended her whom they acknowledge as their Leader there would be no need for concern about enrollment.

If any schools in the world should be renowned for the daunting depth and breadth of their scholarship, for powerful insight, for vigor in defense of Truth and individual freedom, it should be Christian Science schools. But sadly, this is not the case. It were well if the faculty daily reminded themselves of Mrs. Eddy's instruction: "When anyone tries to argue in justification of error to cover it up against their honest convictions, it fills me with righteous indignation beyond any other form of error." Mrs. Eddy's statement deserves to be repeated over and over again.

Surely in these schools, children should be taught that we progress in Christian Science when our lives are dedicated to Truth, and are focused, disciplined. But as usual, when things sound easy, it often turns out there is one part we didn't hear.

The March Forward

Having said that, let's rejoice in a fact that's not lost in all this doom and gloom, namely how the exposing and clobbering of the machinations of the Boston hierarchy by the disenchanted, disillusioned church membership has been in accordance with her Church Manual provisions. (see Art. I, Sec. 9.)9.) We can't recall too often that after Mrs. Eddy's passing there was no "Mother" church. This, of course, gradually, gracefully, left only Christian Science SOCIETIES to go on forever. The Manual sets no restrictions on "Christian Science Societies." They can continue as long as needed.

Why would the time come when even branch churches would cease to exist? Answer: Because the Manual provided that Readers in branch churches must be members of The Mother Church (Manual p. 32, sect. 6). And also to form a branch church, four of the Christian Scientists must be members of The Mother Church (Manual p. 73:2).

What does this mean? This was Mrs. Eddy's method of phasing out all material organization including branch churches. Why? How? After December, 1910, certainly by June, 1911 there was no "Mother" church since no officer could be elected without Mrs. Eddy's consent or permission given in her own handwriting. So, in order to qualify for readership in a branch church today, one would have to be at least ninety-four years of age or older. This is so, because if you were twelve in 1910, (the age you could join) and June, 1911 ended The Mother Church's existence, today you would be about ninety-four. Right? Thus the Manual eliminated all organization, recommending that we "meet in unity, (in "Societies") preferring- 51 -one another and demonstrating the divine Principle of Christian Science" (Mis. 6).

Organization with its man-made laws was FINISHED!

With mathematics, for example, we would not attempt to thrust in personal beliefs and opinions. We are content to observe the facts of the subject as they prove themselves; and remember, when learning music or math we are only removing our own ignorance on the subject.

"Catholicism - Protestantism - Christian Science"

True equality of man and woman will not be realized until one holds in consciousness true pictures of God's two witnesses, Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy. Most of Christendom has acknowledged God's manhood, but even Christian Scientists in general have yet to acknowledge God's womanhood. So the warfare against womanhood continues as graphically depicted in Mrs. Eddy's own handwriting in a notebook she kept. The short article is entitled Catholicism - Protestantism - Christian Science. It says in part:

Each religion defined by what the words include is right; but fatally wrong and wronged in its interpretation by the world, the flesh, and the devil..

The woman has cast into these three measures of iniquity, the leaven that is fermenting them. Therefore they, inherent in mortal mind, take vengeance on their destroyer... Not one of these three religions- misused-is the Rock, on which Christ, Truth, builds the church against which the gates of hell cannot prevail. And the last one is named the final one; therefore, it holds the MOST RELENTLESS WAR AGAINST THE WOMAN.

Mrs. Eddy foresaw that so-called Christian Scientists who failed to see her as the woman of prophecy would be the ones that would "hold the most relentless war against the woman."

It is recorded that when Mary Baker Eddy's followers wanted to inscribe on the wall at the entrance to the Mother Church building: "Within these walls you will hear Truth proclaimed," Mrs. Eddy emphatically stated, "No! The time may come when Truth will NOT be proclaimed within these walls." It is also recorded that on her one and only drive to view the Mother Church building with its Extension, she suddenly had a clear vision of the evil that would befall this great symbol of Spirit and of spiritual Truth. So dire and penetrating was the vision, it gave her a severe physical problem to meet. (Told to the author by Mr. Carpenter, Sr.)

Mrs. Eddy was well aware that the Number One priority of the Anti-Christ would be to bury her. As the Discoverer, Founder, demonstrator, and Leader of Christian Science, she became the main target in her lifetime; and she knew that after she was no longer personally present to do the required spiritual knowing and realization, the enemy's campaign to destroy all memory of her would be stepped up.

"Mother Church"-vs.-"Smother Church"

That she accurately foresaw this priority of the "enthroned antagonist" is amply proven by the actions of the entrenched hierarchy.

Consider just a few of the actions of the enthroned assailant; we can see how right she was:

  • Upon Mrs. Eddy's leaving, the campaign to demean, denigrate, and destroy all memory of her began immediately with an announcement to the press that the Board-which the Manual By-Laws had terminated-would be Mrs. Eddy's successor.
  • Girding for an all-out assault on Mrs. Eddy's authority, a "new" Church Manual was immediately issued. This new Manual, the 89th- the only one sold in Christian Science Reading Rooms since 1911-totally undermined Mrs. Eddy's inspired intent, as we have previously explained.
  • When the Board was unwilling to obey the By-Laws as Mrs. Eddy wrote them, legal opinion was allowed to overrule these God-impelled By-Laws.
  • As the ecclesiastical juggernaut rolled on, Mrs. Eddy's picture was removed from the final uncopyrighted edition of Science and Health. Pictures of Mrs. Eddy were removed from Christian Science Reading Rooms, as well as books presenting her in a favorable light. (Recently, in order for the "church" to qualify for the $97 million dollar Bliss Knapp bequest, a few books favorable to Mrs. Eddy are being restored.)
  • Wholesale excommunications and the threat of them, silenced many of the more spiritually minded Christian Scientists capable of leading the movement forward.
  • The beautiful granite Memorial Marker at Bow, New Hampshire (Mrs. Eddy's birthplace), was dynamited. Reason: The Board noted that too many people were visiting it.
  • Her home at Concord was sold for use as an insane asylum. Here Mrs. Eddy had spent nearly two decades tirelessly laboring for humanity; here she issued 380 editions of Science and Health, all of her 88 Manuals, all editions of Christ and Christmas, nearly all of what we have in her wonderful Prose Works, besides writing thousands of letters, and carrying on endless other duties.

Mrs. Eddy Did Not Remove Her Picture

That Mary Baker Eddy did not remove her picture as the frontispiece to Science and Health can be seen from the following facts:

The 1910 December Christian Science Sentinel carried the following "SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT":

FROM THE PUBLISHER OF MRS. EDDY'S WORKS. THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE TEXTBOOK, "SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES."-This work contains IMPORTANT CHANGES and ADDITIONS by the author [changes added after the final copyrighted 1906 edition], also a PHOTOGRAVURE PORTRAIT of Mrs. Eddy, together with a facsimile of her signature.

This announcement ran in the early December, 1910, issue of the Sentinel at the time Mary Baker Eddy left the human scene.

Alice Orgain, who began her writings on Mary Baker Eddy in the late 1920s, asked the Board of Directors for proof that Mrs. Eddy herself had her picture removed. The archives of the Mother Church were meticulously searched, but no trace could be found explaining why her picture had been removed. The Board of Directors finally told Alice Orgain that Mrs. Eddy must have orally instructed that her picture be removed.

I am told that today, if visitors to the Mother Church Archives ask concerning the removal of Mrs. Eddy's picture, they are quickly shown letters by both Frye and Dickey purporting to be directives from Mrs. Eddy to remove her picture. These letters are obvious forgeries.

They were not there in the 1920s. Nor do they hold up historically since for over forty years Mrs. Eddy's own handwritten approval was absolutely required for any changes in Science and Health. Why in this vital case should that standard he changed? In Mrs. Eddy's definition of "veil". (S&H 506:2X) she says: .."The great Nazarene, as meek as he was mighty, rebuked the hypocrisy, which offered long petitions for blessings upon material methods, but cloaked the crime, latent in thought, which was ready to spring into action and crucify God's anointed."

The Uncopyrighted 1907 Edition-Attorneys Consulted

"Christian Science is not copyrighted..." (Ret. 75:2) Mm. Eddy did not copyright the 1907 edition of Science and Health in which she had made cardinal, all-important changes--such as to her definition of God on which her whole divine Science depended. (See my book, Humanity s Divinity, p. 277.)

She had consulted her attorneys, and was informed by them that a work containing her picture over her signature would, from a legal standpoint, protect her writing, so a further copyright was not necessary. She had reduced her divine metaphysics to a ..system," and it did not need copyrighting any more than the multiplication table in mathematics needs copyrighting. (Advanced students in Christian Science are today beginning to see this "system". that has seven synonyms for God which operate through the Word, Christ, Christianity, and Science, just as in mathematics the ten digits operate through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; OT as in music the seven notes operate through tone, rhythm, melody, and harmony.)

  • Perhaps the greatest wrong done Mrs. Eddy was the breaking of her Publishing Society Deed of Trust, and the taking over by the self-appointed hierarchy. This was the publishing medium Mrs. Eddy had set up for the propagation of Christian Science throughout the world, as she taught it.
  • To compound the injury done to both Mrs. Eddy and her followers, the hierarchy instituted the grossly damaging "Authorized Literature" policy of 1916. Obviously their intent was to control what was published in the Christian Science periodicals. This deplorable strategy kept the field frozen where it was in 1910 instead of being kept abreast of the times.
  • The Christian Science Monitor steadily refused to take ads for books favorable to Mary Baker Eddy, while it "reviewed" books extremely false and detrimental to her.

These items constitute only the tip of the iceberg! These and many other demeaning actions were followed by the Board's imprisonment of Science and Health via the imposition of copyright. Only through the successful legal action of the United Christian Scientists and their courageous chairman was Science and Health set free. Mrs. Eddy did not copyright her final edition of Science and Health. The Board deceitfully, craftily, renewed a copyright on the 1906 edition when it expired and passed it off as a copyright on the uncopyrighted final edition. The final 1910 edition contained far-reaching vital changes.

Mrs. Eddy Never Sought The Applause of Men

"The kind of domination rampant today cannot tolerate having what it considers the 'spectre' of Mary Baker Eddy. She is an embarrassment to them and an obstacle to the respectability they seek in the realm of mainline religions and academia. [As with Jesus, so it was with Mrs. Eddy. Her mission was to vindicate a Principle, NOT a person. While the highest ambition of those who usurped her place seems to be the applause of men.]

"A recent letter of resignation in Boston dutifully denounced the Knapp book and spoke of the dread felt when hearing Christian Science referred to recently as a cult, all supposedly because of the Knapp book-which, by the way, tells the truth about Mary Baker Eddy, when read by those who know that Christian Science can only grow and prosper in the field among humble individuals aflame with spiritual understanding, and the Love which alone can heal" (The Banner).

Mrs. Eddy was not unaware that a massive campaign was being plotted to destroy her and her work. However she wrote: "A siege of the combined centuries, culminating in fierce attack, cannot demolish our strongholds. The forts of Christian Science garrisoned by God's chosen ones, can never surrender" (My. 127:21). Today's requirement is that we heed Mrs. Eddy's admonition to speak louder and more often in defense of the truth about her. There are countless good men in the world. We only wish they had louder voices.

The Enemy's First Priority: To Hide Mrs. Eddy's True Identity

In a letter to Mr. Edward Kimball, CSB, Mrs. Eddy wrote:

"For the world to understand me in my true light and life would do more for our Cause than aught else could. [Why? Because if we see that she demonstrated that infinite good (God) was her Mind, then we too, can learn-through her teaching-that infinite good is our Mind also, here and now.] This I learn from the fact that the enemy tries harder to hide these two things, than to win any other points. Also Jesus' life and character in their first appearing were treated in like manner. And I regret to see that loyal students are not more awake to this great demand in their measures to meet the enemies' tactics. (DCC 112; see also page 109, letter to Judge Hanna.)

"All the people need to love and adopt Christian Science," Mrs. Eddy said, "is a TRUE SENSE OF ITS FOUNDER. In proportion as they have it, will our Cause advance" (WKMBE 1 p.40). Why? Because then they will be motivated to search, to learn the truth about themselves as having the Mind of God here and now-the same Mind that Mrs. Eddy had when she wrote Science and Health. There is only one Mind. "All is infinite Mind [your Mind] and its manifestation."

"All Is Infinite Mind" Manifested

Mildred LeBlond, CSB, wrote: "When Mrs. Eddy announced that, 'all is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation,' she did something for the human race it cannot ever escape, and which will do more to lift the human race out of fears and limitations than any statement ever made by anyone." Yes! It was this very statement that was used by the practitioner who healed my mother of blindness, my father on his deathbed, and my little brother of double hernia. I was seven years old, but I can still hear my parents repeating this statement with the conviction that it would heal them.

As I have testified before, my mother's sight was restored in three treatments. Then my father asked for treatment and was healed the same day, in one treatment. When my parents spoke to the practitioner about my little brother's condition, she said, "You know what healed you, just keep knowing All is Infinite Mind manifested." The next day it was found that the little truss he had been wearing was no longer needed. That same statement in Science and Health-understood by the practitioner- had healed him, too. Those three, almost instantaneous, healings in Christian Science have been the watershed experience of my life.

"What thou needest to know," Mrs. Eddy declared, "is that mortal mind has translated the body and its functions into matter, and immortal Mind gives back the original with its functions preserved and harmonious, but not as not in matter, but as and of Mind." (Dear Reader, this instruction has a deep spiritual meaning, not only for the churched, but also for the un-washed. It simply means everyone and every thing will always be recognizable to us in the stage of growth we have arrived at.)

Mrs. Eddy Must Be Seen Rightly - Professor Hering

In a letter to his pupils, Professor Herman S. Hering, CSB, wrote: "It is of first importance to see Mrs. Eddy rightly as the woman of prophecy referred to in the Apocalypse, as the one through whom the Comforter came, the second coming of the Christ."

"Thou Art the Woman!" - Ira O. Knapp

Before continuing with Professor Hering's letter, let's examine Ira O. Knapp's sudden illumination. In a class, he saw Mrs. Eddy "rightly" when she was explaining the twelfth chapter of Revelation. He spontaneously exclaimed: "Thou art the Woman!" Mrs. Eddy discerning his spiritual thought did not rebuke him anymore than Jesus rebuked Peter two thousand years ago when Peter, "with his usual impetuosity," cried: "Thou art the Christ..." Precisely so did Mrs. Eddy discern Ira Knapp's assertion, knowing that: "flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven." Through a lightening flash of spiritual insight both Peter and Ira O. Knapp realized that the great Truth which was being taught and which was leading them God-ward was the Mind of Christ. Ira Knapp was referring to the God Mind Mrs. Eddy was letting use her to bring forth Truth. His statement had nothing to do with a fleshly form those in the class saw as Mary Baker Eddy, which, of course, correctly seen is Spirit, since "Spirit is ALL" but ignorantly seen, as matter, it is just part of the Adam-dream that we have to be awakened from.

Perhaps we are still too close to the advent of Mary Baker Eddy to see clearly. But in years to come, Ira O. Knapp's statement: "Thou art the Woman," will be just as immortal as Peter's exclamation to Jesus: "Thou art the Christ!" Unity of Good, p. 49:8 states: "The more I understand true humanhood, the more I see it to be sinless,-as ignorant of sin as is the perfect Maker." When the veil that human birth has cast over us is removed, when the hypnotic suggestion that makes us believe we are mortals with matter bodies, is finally dislodged, overcome, we will realize our divinity.

If Christian Science isn't teaching us this, what IS it teaching? If Mrs. Eddy's writing is not teaching us that the Mind "infinitely above" our ignorant mortal SENSE of things, is our Mind here and now, when rightly seen, what good is it to us?

Professor Hering's Letter Continues:

(That was a digression.) We continue with Professor Hering's letter (of 1938): "Unless we see that this revelation came through Mrs. Eddy under divine inspiration, and see it as the inspired Word of God, we are not seeing Christian Science rightly. Jesus and Mrs. Eddy were the two witnesses and must be seen as such. Just as Jesus in the flesh must be seen as the one who established the first coming of the Christ, back of whom was the divinely royal man (S&H 313:5), so Mrs. Eddy in the flesh must be seen as the one who established the second coming of the Christ, back of whom was the divinely royal woman, the God-crowned woman of the 12th chapter of the Apocalypse"

(See S&H 118:6.) She saw the "marvelous unity of man with God shadowed forth in scientific thought" (Un. 5:24).

Mrs. Eddy's Preparation for Removing the Veil

To paraphrase Science and Health, p. 494:5: Is it not a species of infidelity to believe that so great a work as Mary Baker Eddy's was done for herself or for God, who needed no help?... But mortals did need this help, and Mrs. Eddy, manifesting the Mind of God-the Mind "infinitely above" the uneducated human mind-infinitely above a fleshly sense of herself-brought the Second Coming of the Christ. She tells us that it was not her human self but "the divine power of Truth and Love, infinitely above me"-infinitely above a mortal sense of self, "which dictated Science and Health."

What prepared Mrs. Eddy (then Mrs. Glover) to receive this divine revelation-the Second Coming of the Christ? She states, "God had been graciously preparing me during many years for the reception of this final revelation..."(S&H p. 107:3).

This "gracious preparation" actually consisted of nearly forty years of sheer unmitigated physical suffering and endless disappointments. In 1866 "the world was dark... The senses could not prophesy sunrise or starlight. Thus it was when the moment arrived of the heart's bridal to a more spiritual existence. When the door opened, I was waiting and watching; and, lo, the bridegroom came! The character of the Christ was illuminated by the midnight torches of Spirit. My heart knew its Redeemer...I had touched the hem of Christian Science..." Ret. 23:10). It was February, 1866.

With her Godlike character and using her lightening-fast Mind of Christ, she was able to complete the work of Christ Jesus on earth and to fulfill the biblical prophesies concerning her divine Advent.

Her revelation and discovery teaches mortals how to remove the veil, "the covering cast over all people" that makes people seem like matter bodies. The woman in the Apocalypse is a symbol of your real divine selfhood, as it was and is a symbol of Mrs. Eddy's true being and of her great revelation.

This is so, or nothing in Science and Health would be true about you. Mrs. Eddy revealed your true identity, your divine identity as a God-being here and now. For forty years she worked indefatigably to reduce to human apprehension her divine metaphysics; to reduce to a system the divine Science her God-Mind discovered. (See S&H 471:30.) Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy instructed us how to let that Mind be in us that was also in them (the Mind that was Mind to Jesus and to Mrs. Eddy).

Re: Deification

Our Leader never considered recognition of her place in Bible history as either deification or personality worship. She discovered the Science of being that we au have to "LEARN." She has nearly one hundred fifty references to "learn" and "learning" in the textbook.

Jesus is not deified by acknowledging his place in scriptural prophecy, and neither is Mary Baker Eddy deified because she completed his work on earth and brought the promised "Comforter." She is not deified because she fulfilled the many biblical prophesies concerning the "woman"-the "woman (that) shall compass a man" Jer. 31:22 - that shall encompass Jesus' teaching, as promised by Jesus. Remember he prophesied that "the Comforter...shall teach you ALL things, and bring to your remembrance ("compass") whatsoever I have said unto you" (John 14:26). Do we say, "Yes, I believe this," but in our heart do we want a king, a Board of Directors (five mortals) to rule over us, and to be successors to her who brought the Second Coming of the Christ?

Today, in the gathering twilight, we hear the constant drumbeat of the universal news reports of Boston's decline. As Mrs. Eddy foresaw: "An unjust, unmerciful and oppressive priesthood must perish, for false prophets IN THE PRESENT as in the past stumble onward to their doom; while their tabernacles crumble with dry rot. God is not mocked" (Pul. 7:19).

Mrs. Eddy also perhaps knew that prophecy cannot be broken (John 10:35). It "is history written in advance." We have already cited Revelation 12:12 as pertaining to the present era which warns: "the devil is come down unto you with great wrath because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."

Because humanity everywhere is breaking new spiritual ground, we are heartened to feel that "short time" is almost over, and that it will shortly come to pass that all mankind will realize who it was that walked among us in the last century and the first decade of this.

A cold hungry winter looms high on the hierarchy's horizon now that the tides of Truth have unleashed forces that can't be stopped; no longer will spiritual education languish as the fraying exposure-ridden Boston regime engulfs itself in a morass of double talk and eventually returns to its crypt.

"Church organization often looks like a great substantial fort. It looks strong and indestructible from the outside, but when you go through the gate almost everyone inside is dead."

Marching on in Spiritual Organization

As we grow "equal to the march triumphant, God will give to all His soldiers of the cross the proper command, and under the banner of His love, and with the 'still, small voice' for the music of our march, we all shall take step and march on in spiritual organization."

Remember; Mrs. Eddy knew: "There was never a religion or philosophy lost...except by sinking its divine Principle in personality" (My. 117:22).

Part II


In 1938 the Board set up a committee to investigate Mrs. Eddy's own assessment of herself as representing the spiritual idea typified by the woman in the Apocalypse. 57 pages were prepared on the subject. Then in 1943 Mrs. Eddy's place in fulfillment of Bible Prophecy was clearly set forth in the Christian Science Sentinel and Journal in the following six points. (Since these six points are familiar to most Christian Scientists, the author has taken the liberty of injecting interpolations.)

1. Mrs. Eddy, as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, understood herself to be the one chosen of God to bring the promised Comforter to the world, and therefore, the revelator of Christ, Truth, in this age.

2. Mrs. Eddy regarded portions of Revelation (that is, Chapter 12) as pointing to her as the one who fulfilled prophecy by giving the full and final revelation of Truth; her work thus being complementary to that of Christ Jesus. [Jesus prophesied that the "Comforter," will guide you into ALL truth, and "bring ALL things to your remembrance whatsoever I have said unto you." Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy, in bringing the first and second coming of the Christ-even though they were "the Spirit of Truth"-had to come in fleshly forms else how could we be taught?]

3. As Christ Jesus exemplified the fatherhood of God, she (Mrs. Eddy) revealed God's motherhood; she truly represents in this age the spiritual idea of God typified by the woman in the Apocalypse. (See S&H 565:13-22.) [This is also made clear in Science and Health pages 560-562 with even a modicum of spiritual sense. The "man child" (Rev. XII:5) is a symbol for the purely spiritual and mental Christ in distinction from the man Jesus who came as a corporeal Savior or as Christ, Jesus.]

4. Mrs. Eddy considered herself to be the "God-appointed" and "God-anointed" messenger to this age, the woman chosen by God to discover the Science of Christian healing and to interpret it to mankind; she is so closely related to Christian Science [the product of her God-Mind] that a true sense of her is essential to the understanding of Christian Science; in other words, the revelator cannot be separated from the revelation [they are one]

5. This recognition of her status enabled her to withstand the opposition directed against her by "the dragon" (malicious animal magnetism); she was touchingly grateful to those who saw her as the woman of prophecy and who therefore trusted, obeyed, and supported her in her mission. [A few of Mrs. Eddy's helpers were truly spiritually minded, but many were bulbs of small wattage and what Mrs. Eddy characterized as "stuffed shirts and trained monkeys." Only because she leaned completely on infinite good (God) was she able to complete Jesus' work on earth and bring to mankind the Comforter he prophesied.]

[Dear Reader: Do you see Mary Baker Eddy as fulfilling St. John's Revelation, chapters 10 and 12, the woman of prophesy, and trust her? Or do you trust those who for eighty years have infamously denigrated her and tried to separate her from her great discovery and revelation?]

6. This same recognition [of Mrs. Eddy as "the woman of prophecy"] is equally vital to our movement, for demonstration is the result of vision; the collecting of this indisputable evidence of our Leader's own view of herself and of her mission marks a great step forward. [Here it should be remembered that Carolyn Noyes, C.S.D. wrote that all Mrs. Eddy's loyal students recognized that Mrs. Eddy was the fulfillment of St. John's prophecy in Revelation XII. (See Mis. Doc. 227.) This wide recognition of Mrs. Eddy as fulfilling prophecy accounts for the marvelous healing work done during her time and the decades immediately following. So far as the world is concerned there is no Christ evident here and now until the Word becomes flesh, until there is an individual to show it forth. Mrs. Eddy speaks of Jesus' parable "foretelling the second appearing IN THE FLESH of the Christ, Truth" (S&H p. 118)]. Wisely utilized, this evidence will stimulate and stabilize the growth of Christian Scientists today and in succeeding generations; it will establish unity in the Field with regard to the vital question of our Leader's relation to scriptural prophecy.

Mary Baker Eddy reminds us "The Scriptures and Christian Science reveal 'the way,' and personal revelators will take their proper place in history, but will not be deified" (Mis. p. 308).

"Where Are the 57 Typewritten Pages?"

Where are the 57 typewritten pages prepared by the Committee that included Albert Gilmore, W. Stuart Booth, Violet Ker Seymour, Duncan Sinclair, and George Shaw Cook? Why have those 57 pages remained hidden by subsequent Boards obviously hostile to Mary Baker Eddy? Why has this 57-page document-so important in unifying the field with regard to how Mrs. Eddy's followers regard her- never been made public? On this issue of Mary Baker Eddy's fulfillment of scriptural prophecy, no genuine Christian Scientist can remain in the closet and fail to make a choice. "Choose Ye"-to stand with your Leader's own recognition and assessment of herself-just as Jesus urged his disciples to stand with his own recognition of himself.

Perhaps some of the "57 pages" would contain the following pertinent material:
Jesus said: "When the Comforter is come ...when the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into ALL truth," the truth people in his day were not yet ready for as they were just coming out of mythology. Similarly, Mrs. Eddy states: "The Science of physical harmony, as now presented to the people in divine light, is radical enough to promote as forcible collisions of thought as the age has strength to bear (Un. 6:10). She had to veil much that she wrote about. But today change, often unexpected, is the overwhelming phenomenon of our age, and we are seeing more clearly our way to the finish line. Mrs. Eddy's discovery and revelation is a "final" revelation (S&H 107:5). "There will be no third coming," Mrs. Eddy affirmed.

In a letter Mrs. Eddy wrote to her devoted students, the Millers, she said: "Today, it is a marvel to me that God chose me for this mission, and that my lifework was the theme of ancient prophecy and I the scribe of His infinite way of salvation" (May 27, 1902).

Ivimy Gwalter, CSB, wrote: "[Prophecy] comes to glorious fulfillment in the advent of Mary Baker Eddy, who in fulfillment of prophecy, typifies the spiritual idea symbolized by the woman in the twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse...Mrs. Eddy's discovery was not the product of human reason but of divine revelation. She speaks of herself as a scribe ['under orders'] whose orders came from heaven. (See Mis. p.311.) But she was more than a person transcribing a heavenly message. Her spiritual stature transcends mortal measurements. She is one with the revelation; through her the revelation speaks" (Mary Baker Eddy: A Centennial Appreciation p. 109).

Albert F. Gilmore, CSB, wrote: "Her works furnish positive proof of her position as the revelator -the woman representative-of the Christ in this age, through whom the prophecy of the 'second coming' has been fulfilled. There is abundant proof that Mrs. Eddy was definitely aware of her unique work..." [She knew Jesus' parable of the leaven which a woman hid in three measures of meal foretold "the second appearing in the flesh of the Christ, Truth." (S&H 118:7)]. (C.S. Journal Nov. 1939, p. 407).

Because Mrs. Eddy was well aware of her divine mission she warned: "No greater mistake can be made than to disobey or delay to obey a single message of mine. God does speak through me to this age. This I discern more clearly each year of my sojourn with you" (DCC 113).

"When a student loses the true sense of me, and what I do, he is at the threshold of the plunge so many make into darkness, believing that darkness is a greater light" (DCC 184).

"(1892) I thank God for your faith in Him and your true sense of me. Why? Because in over one quarter of a century I have never in one single instance seen these fail to carry a student safely on in growth and prosperity. But in every single instance the loss of these mental conditions has wrecked the student...Yes, you may give me the title that God has given, viz. Discoverer and Founder. It will do much towards steadying the minds in the present and future. Only I beg of you to be temperate in using it, be wise as the serpents that it will cause to hiss...A moderate reminder of this great point of history is needed and will be so long as time lasts. 1. It shows the advent of God's expressed motherhood. 2. It shows the fact that destroys the falsehood. 3. It is God's order of showing to the human race the divine dispensation of Christian Science. Will you see, can you see me as I am?" (Mary Baker Eddy's Six Days of Revelation, p. 412, Richard Oakes).

In her Memoirs, Sue Harper Mims records Mrs. Eddy's statement "...when my students become blinded to me as the one through whom Truth has come to this age, THEY GO STRAIGHT DOWN."

We have seen this happen today as the death throes assail the once mighty Boston colossus. Of course, to a large extent, the Christian Science movement has "gone straight down" because too many Christian Scientists have acquiesced in the Board of Directors' poorly disguised swindle of our rights in their claim to be Mrs. Eddy's successor. The instantaneous healings that took place during Mrs. Eddy's time-and for a few decades longer on the momentum she built up-have temporarily almost disappeared.

Nevertheless, her discovery and revelation is continuing to transform the universe, as Mrs. Eddy knew it would. (See Mis. 372:5.) A small instance of this would be: if sixty years ago you told someone, "It's all in the mind," it would have been hailed as ridiculous. Today, people who have absolutely no spiritual training, know nothing of Christian Science, look you straight in the eye and say: "It's all in the mind, you know!" This is progress.

Knapp's Book Comes Under Heavy Fire

Gathering More Woes for Hierarchy

Bliss Knapp's book The Destiny of The Mother Church is currently adding still more to the woes of the beleaguered exposure-racked Boston hierarchy as this hierarchy drifts irretrievably toward "the bottomless abyss of self-damnation" (My. 200:24).

Mr. Knapp's book contains a chapter concerning Mrs. Eddy as fulfilling Bible prophecy regarding the woman of the Apocalypse. This was the view accepted by all loyal Christian Scientists during Mrs. Eddy's time and actually until about 1950. This stir and confrontation today shows how convincing has been the monstrous lie, and how far afield the interlopers-the enemy in our midst have led the entire Christian Science movement with regard to Mrs. Eddy as our forever Leader, and her fulfillment of scriptural prophecy in bringing the Second Coming of the Christ.

Mr. Knapp states in WKMBE I, p. 57, "Mrs. Eddy, in her human experience, represented the woman of the Apocalypse, for as Mrs. Eddy states in Science and Health (p. 565) the Christ idea was represented first by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman."

Perhaps foreseeing the furor that today is raging over Mr. Knapp's book (which heralds Mary Baker Eddy as the woman who has fulfilled scriptural prophecy), Mrs. Eddy prophetically wrote to Mr. Knapp:

My beloved Student: I call you mine conscientiously for God has given you to me and sometime the world will know this better even than it does now.

Disaster Stalks in Wake of Not Seeing Mrs. Eddy Rightly

Yes, had Christian Scientists sincerely, en masse, acknowledged Mrs. Eddy as fulfilling Jesus' prophecy to St. John, instead of being beguiled by Boston's siren wiles to acknowledge THEM, the Board of Directors, as their Leader, it would not have been necessary for the fraudulent Boston hierarchy to announce, June 8th: "We will want to think together about whether our movement is in danger of being lost." (Reported in The New London Day, June 9, 1992, as previously noted.)

Neither would the establishment media finally find the Boston hierarchy front-page news, with dozens of reporters barking at the Board's heels. As all the unraveling threads of the burgeoning scandal are being tied together, "the truth concerning the lie," as Mrs. Eddy urged, is being told, and presently the Christian Science movement will be revitalized and universally recognized as it carries on its great healing mission.

The world is learning fast, with all the media exposure today being given to Bliss Knapp's book; and Mrs. Eddy's prophecy regarding him is definitely being fulfilled. His book seems to be a catalyst in bringing to world notice Mrs. Eddy's fulfillment of scriptural prophecy.

All must finally come to see that Christian Science is true, that it is Truth itself and was revealed and given to the world by its Discoverer and Founder, who was the one, the only person who knew enough to discover it.

In the waning days of the twentieth century the covers are pulled back on the Boston behemoth that has for so long been the object of dread among the sheep. Let us hope that today's disclosures and exposures mark the last episode in this sorry spectacle. "Only as we recognize the revelator, can we understand and obey the revelation. As the prophecies of Jesus and of John were fulfilled through (Mary Baker Eddy), so must we, her followers, do our part in fulfilling her prediction for the twentieth century." (See Pul. p. 22:9.)

How the Christian Science Movement Will Revive

"Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living [from the belief of a material Christian Science church organization] is the Life divine"-reality. Material organization was necessary only in the beginning because, among other things, people were programmed to go to a church on Sunday, etc.

What is the real need? Obviously understanding. Jesus made this point clear when he said, "Ye shall know the truth [gain understanding]." Only understanding can free us from the thralldom of believing that matter is anything other than Spirit incorrectly viewed. Spirit is ALL, so what looks like matter has to be Spirit misconceived.

When you actually realize this, you are letting your "light [understanding] so shine before men that they may see your good works" and glorify the truth you are manifesting-not a religion or a church organization that promotes it.

Christian Scientists, who have digested what is in their textbook, should be a light in their own everyday world. Only by letting their "light so shine before men that they may see your good works" can the Christian Science movement be revived. "The time for thinkers has come" (S&H vii), and if we keep our mind and awareness on the truth of being we can benefit everyone our thoughts rest upon. This individual knowing and realization of divine reality is truly the only way to revive the Christian Science movement. You and 1, as Christian Scientists, are always "alone with our own being and with the reality of things" (Message, 1901. 20:8). Are we benefiting all that our thoughts rest upon by keeping our minds "So filled with Truth and Love that sin, disease, and death cannot enter them"? (My. 210). If so, we are doing our part in reviving the Christian Science movement.

We, as Christian Scientists, have been given all the instruction, all the tools necessary to bring heaven down to earth-to realize heaven's everpresence, because of infinite good's omnipresence. Are we today using the truth we have been taught? It has absolutely nothing to do with material church organization, but everything to do with dematerializing Spirit, that is, viewing correctly what looks like matter. Matter is an incorrect view of Spirit. Mrs. Eddy and Jesus "beheld in Science the perfect man who appeared to [them] where sinning mortal man appears to mortals" (S&H 476:32).

Jesus said, "Give, and it shall be given unto you." What greater gift can you give to anyone than to behold them as they actually are in reality? -behold them as God, infinite good, individually expressed. What we are looking at is always something that identifies God. This must be so since God, infinite good, is ALL. The more the world awakens to these great spiritual facts the sooner the Christian Science movement will revive.

The secret of Christian Science is that God (infinite good) appears as you and me. If God is Au, and your Life is ageless, endless, birthless, deathless, and is the reflection of God, then in reality did you not also appear on the first day of creation in Genesis I:1? If "Principle and its idea is one" (S&H 465:17) and you are one with that one, then can it be otherwise? This, again, is why Mrs. Eddy could say: "The more I understand true humanhood, the more I see it to be sinless-as ignorant of sin as is the perfect Maker" (Un. 49:8); This tells us that the Mind we now have-when free from hypnotic suggestion-is the Mind of God (infinite good), and why we can "know that [we] have sovereign power to think and act rightly..." (Pul. 3:7).

"The scientific man and his maker are here; and you would be none other than this man, if you would subordinate the fleshly perceptions to the spiritual sense and source of being" (Un. 46:9).

To gain the power inherent in our consciousness we must occupy thought with spiritual concepts. We must argue with our sense of things, since there is nothing "out there." Mrs. Eddy in answering, "Is anything real of which the physical senses are cognizant?" said: "Everything is as real as you make it, and no more so" (Un. 8:5). It is only our sense of things that needs correcting. And it is only through mighty wrestlings with hypnotic suggestion "that we sail into the unfathomable sea of possibilities." Does this teaching of the Science of being have anything to do with five mortals in Boston who aspire to be "the tender guardians of our journey heavenward"? Or, are the textbook and the Bible our "tender guardians"? "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve."

Further Statements

Daisette McKenzie, CSB, who knew Mrs. Eddy, conceded: "Perhaps we sometimes read Science and Health without a thought about the author. May we not rather realize that we are not only reading the Word of God, but that our communion with [infinite good] is through the message written by [infinite good's] scribe?... Mrs. Eddy stated, 'It was not myself [my corporeal body] but the divine power of Truth and Love, infinitely above me, which dictated Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.' The prophecy of the Apocalypse was fulfilled. A woman had brought forth a child [a textbook and a Manual] that was to 'rule all nations with a rod of iron'; i.e., unchanging Principle [the truth about ourselves as having the Mind of infinite good here and now, when rightly viewed, and not influenced by hypnotic suggestion]."

While Mrs. Eddy was editor of the Christian Science Journal and later while she supervised it, there were often statements definitely indicating that Mrs. Eddy's place in scriptural prophecy was comprehended and appreciated by her and her faithful followers.

Paul Stark Seely in Mary Baker Eddy: A Centennial Appreciation, avers: "Hers was a God-ordered mission-symbolized in Revelation as a woman clothed with the sun. the radiance of spiritual truth-inspired by deific Mind to proclaim the message which, Christ Jesus said, 'will guide you into ALL truth.'

"Micah and Zechariah foresaw that two messengers would appear to further and fulfill this divine purpose. The first, Christ Jesus, by the spoken word and mighty proofs of the healing power of God's Word... That the divine purpose demanded a subsequent revelation of truth the Master made clear in these prophetic words: 'I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another comforter, that he may abide with you forever.'

"John, in the twelfth chapter of Revelation, reiterates Micah's prophecy that she who travaileth shall bring forth that revelation of eternal truth which shall rule all peoples... Christ Jesus, the first of Truth's great messengers to mankind, foretold by the prophets, spake to men as no man had ever spoken... Mrs. Eddy, who had made his teaching her own through the years of study, prayer, and self-immolation, became qualified to be the subsequent messenger of Truth, foreseen by the prophets."

Judge Hanna and Isaiah 54

Nearly a hundred years ago Editor Judge Hanna realized that Isaiah's Chapter 54 was a prophecy of the Second Coming of the Christ that Mary Baker Eddy brought. He wrote it in an article.

Mrs. Eddy praised the article, but cautioned him that the time had not yet come for him to say the wonderful things he had written. Why? Because the great red dragon, envy and revenge, seemed very much in the saddle.

"Do not say blandly that I represent the second appearing of the Christ. That assertion will array mortal mind against us," she warned. [Mrs. Elizabeth Earl Jones was told that in the latter 1880's Mrs. Eddy had said it would be at least fifty years before mankind would be ready for this type of information. It was approximately fifty years later that the "Six Points" were published in The Christian Science Sentinel and Journal.] Mrs. Eddy saw that while infinite Love had inspired Judge Hanna to write it, still it would be a prompting by malicious animal magnetism to publish it at that time, when spiritual ignorance largely prevailed.

As previously explained, the Bliss Knapp flap currently going up Boston's chimney exposes how far astray the "transgressors," the self-appointed ecclesiastical hierarchy, has led otherwise loyal Christian Scientists. Mr. Knapp points out that Mrs. Eddy could rely on the obedience only of those who understood her divine status. Mrs. Eddy confided in very few. She never allowed any reference to her place in Bible prophecy to be made unwisely to the general public. She taught that "A lack of wisdom betrays Truth into the hands of evil as effectually as does a subtle conspirator" (My. 128). "The dire results of proclaiming herself as the womanhood counterpart to the manhood of Jesus would have been incalculable then if debated in public, as would still be so today. Only by understanding the divine and human coincidence can Christian Scientists rightly perceive Mrs. Eddy as the woman in the Apocalypse," writes a friend.

Mrs. Eddy was "light-years," eons, ahead of even her students. They shone by borrowed light -their Leader's heavenly light. The marvelous healings of Mrs. Eddy's students were brought about through the reflected light of her consciousness, and this wondrous spiritual light continued for about forty years after Mrs. Eddy left the human scene. In Jesus' time the disciples healed in the "name" of Jesus, meaning by the reflected light of his consciousness. Today we have to work harder to accomplish healing; we have to learn the Science of our being, and only to the extent that we actually realize Truth, do we heal.

The period we are now passing through was prophesied in Rev. 12:12 and 17: "The devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth he hath but a short time....And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed."

E. Kimball Caught Between Rock and Hard Place

Unbelievable hatred and animosity lay in wait to pounce on every word uttered by Mrs. Eddy's students. It is important to see this, and why Mrs. Eddy could not correct Mr. Kimball when he said she did not teach that she was the woman of the Apocalypse. It was too early to teach this. He was trying to protect her, when answering questions from the press regarding a lawsuit brought against Mrs. Eddy by a disloyal, treacherous student.

Unfortunately, since that time, those hostile to Mrs. Eddy, unwilling to slink away and lick their wounds, have tried to use Mr. Kimball's statement to bolster their incorrect contention that Mrs. Eddy did not fulfill scriptural prophecy. It must be remembered that in this seething sea of hatred toward her and her discovery and revelation, she had to use great wisdom in dealing with the public, in what she said, or what she counseled her student to say. (See Miscellaneous Writings, 253 :1621, for the "types and shadows of this hour.")

More on Judge Hanna;

More on Mrs. Eddy's Statement, "I am Thy Deliverer"

Returning to Editor Judge Hanna's article, Mrs. Eddy commended his proposed editorial question and answer: "Must the 'Spirit of Truth,' or the 'Comforter' that Jesus said should come, be personalized or individualized? Undoubtedly. There could be no fulfillment of prophecy otherwise." The Virgin Mary in fulfilling prophecy had to come as a person. Jesus in fulfilling prophecy had to come as a person. In the same way Mary Baker Eddy had to come as a person in order to fulfill the many Bible prophecies concerning the "woman." (See S&H 118:7.) Therefore, Editor Hanna asked: "Must the Woman of the Apocalypse be personalized to mankind?" and answered, "Yes!"

The woman standing in the sun (Rev. 12) is a scriptural symbol of the one who Jesus said would bring the Comforter and "reveal ALL Truth."

Jesus' true identity-as scripturally prophesied -was not realized by the mortals he walked among. Neither was Mrs. Eddy's true identity- as scripturally prophesied-realized as she walked among her fellow mortals (and her enemies have done their best to keep her true identity hidden.)

James Gilman in his Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy writes: "The substance of fresh thought that she wanted added was that Christian Science was a modern thought and was appropriately expressed in modern surroundings. 'There is too much looking backward two thousand years. They will find,' she said, 'that there is aWay here in Concord as well as in Palestine"' (p.81).

Previously, in this account, we quoted Mrs. Eddy's statement (My. 132:15): "I AM THY DELIVERER." Mrs. Eddy, knowing that she had brought the Second Coming of the Christ, could say, "I am thy Deliverer." Mrs. Eddy's writing assimilated, understood, demonstrated, is our "deliverer." We no longer have to strive with agony. The Christ Science she discovered and put in writing for all to learn, is our "deliverer." She has revealed that, rightly viewed, we are divine beings here and now. She has aroused and showed us how to awaken from the Adam-dream that condemns us to till the ground of sense testimony when all the while we have been given dominion and "sovereign power."

To Judge Hanna, Mrs. Eddy wrote: "Ponder in thought your infinite harmonious Christ expressing selfhood, and claim it as you. Drink in its perfection, its moral beauty, its integrity, worth, its unspeakable safety. [You are as safe as 2+2=4 (which is infinite and ever-present) because in reality you are a mental and spiritual being here and now, and you will find it to be so when you awaken from the Adam-dream, the mesmerism, the hypnotism that has held you in bondage to matter all your days. How do you awaken yourself? Keep declaring the truth. "When you affirm that which is true although to human reasoning and sight it is not true at all, you will bring it to pass because it is already the fact."] All the truth and beauty of God's creation," Mrs. Eddy continued, "is yours and you... In that hour of prayer, discard all your sense of selfhood-all that is involved in the belief of birth, heredity, association, time, decay, death.

"By the grace and authority of God close your thought firmly against the interference of mortal beliefs. Hold yourself open to the plan of God and closed to the plots of Satan. Rise into the spiritual forces of your own being and your destiny.

"This magnificent spiritual exercise of treating yourself in devoted prayer and praying for yourself will keep you in the secret place which is unknown to the senses and open to all that heaven holds for you. And safe! The secret place of right understanding of yourself-(infinite good) reflected-is as safe as eternity."


Keeping Abreast of the Times

A Peek into the Future

We all pass through three stages: youth, middle age, and "you're looking good!" In the same way mankind historically has passed through two world-wide changes and is now well into a third great universal social change which in turn, according to Scripture, will be followed by a fourth and final change.

The first universal wave of change that we know of was launched thousands of years ago by the invention, or development of agriculture.

In an interesting article published by World Monitor, June, 1992, Alvin and Heide Toffler speak intelligently of TODAY'S THIRD WAVE. The second great wave of change came with the Industrial Revolution, which triggered a vast need for an immense (unskilled) labor force, and workers flooded into the United States from all over the world to "earn a living by the sweat of their brow." In this second great change with its many industries and factories the melting pot ideal arose from the need to homogenize the workers. This is in sharp contrast to a whole society that is now (as the third great change takes place) becoming more heterogeneous (unlike, dissimilar).

Today a third wave-the greatest techno-social transformation since the industrial revolution-is sweeping the earth. Gone is the smokestack and assembly line society; the jobs they supplied are gone forever. In this third world-wide, all-reaching change, gone is the need for unskilled workers. The misery-producing joblessness this great change brings up will surely fulfill the Bible prediction: "Through great tribulation we enter the kingdom."

"Man is not made to till the soil. His birthright is dominion, not subjection... Man [meaning you] created by God was given dominion over the whole earth. [This is slowly coming to pass.] The notion of a material universe is utterly opposed to the theory of man evolved from Mind... Error tills the whole ground in this material theory, which is entirely a false view, destructive to existence and happiness" (Mary Baker Eddy, S&H 518:1; 545:15).

Here let us recall that the Bible (in the Adam dream narrative) speaks of man being cursed to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow. "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread..." (Genesis 3:19). This cruel era, in which man lacked understanding of his oneness with infinite good (God), is ending, thanks to the spiritual education brought by the prophets, Christ Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, and many lesser lights who have continually enlarged mankind's vision and comprehension of his present divinity.

Being well into this third world-shaking wave of change in which unskilled workers are becoming obsolete, a completely new way of educating people is called for. This brings to mind another Bible prophecy: namely, "And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me [Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love] from the least of them unto the greatest" (Jeremiah 31:34).

Pointing in this direction, the Tofflers say that spreading swiftly across the United States, Europe, Japan, etc., the Third Wave economy's primary resources are educated brain-power, innovative creativity, rapidly learned and unlearned skills, organizational transience and post-bureaucratic forms of authority through phone and fax, or computerization, on vast, globe-encircling electronic infrastructure, on computer, data base, and above all, on new attitudes, and ever-newer and ever-changing skills.

In the initial changes that are in the offing, and tending toward "a more spiritual adhesion and devotion," is the fading out of what was formerly the standard industrial family unit, namely, a working father, a stay-at-home mother with two children. It may not be seen today by the general public, but the changes taking place point to Jesus' prophecy: "For behold, the days are coming, in which they shall say, Blessed are the barren and the wombs that never bare, and the paps that never gave suck... And call no man your father upon the earth, for one is your Father, which is in heaven (Luke 23:29; Matt. 23:9). Of interest also at this juncture in human history is Mrs. Eddy's statement: "Matrimony, which was once a fixed fact among us, must lose its present slippery footing, and man must find permanence and peace in a more spiritual adherence" (S&H p. 65:25).

After the third universal change now taking place world consciousness will enter the wholly spiritual era prophesied by St. John: "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away... And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold the tabernacle of God is with men... And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain [or unemployment]: for the former things are passed away."

"The baptism of Spirit," writes Mary Baker Eddy, "or final immersion of human consciousness in the infinite ocean of Love, is the last scene in corporeal sense. This omnipotent act drops the curtain on material man and mortality. After this, man's identity or consciousness reflects only Spirit, good, whose visible being is invisible to the physical senses: eye hath not seen it, inasmuch as it is the disembodied individual Spirit-substance and consciousness termed in Christian metaphysics the ideal man-forever permeated with eternal life, holiness, heaven. This order of Science is the chain of ages, which maintain their obvious correspondence, and unite all periods in the divine design. Mortal man's repentance and absolute abandonment of sin finally dissolves all supposed material life or physical sensation, and the corporeal or mortal man disappears forever. The encumbering mortal molecules, called man, vanish as a dream; but man born of the great Forever, lives on, God-crowned and blest." -Mary Baker Eddy (Mis. 205:13)

In a talk given on October 15, 1931 at Fifteenth Church of Christ, Scientist, New York City, Mrs. Francis Thurber Seal told of Mrs. Eddy confiding in her concerning the finishing touches she was putting on the Church Manual and how it was the most important work of her life since finishing Science and Health because it included the provisions for the termination of the government of the Mother Church .

Mrs. Eddy told Mrs. Seal that after more than thirty years of demonstration and constant study of her revelation, as a final culminating step she had shut herself away from the world and spent months in silent communion with God in order to bring forth this conception of church government. She said the Church Manual (with its estoppels) was equally necessary to what was in Science and Health. It was the completion of the government of the Mother Church. Mrs. Seal said, "I can still see the look of far away vision as Mrs. Eddy said, 'When it is completed it will be the most perfect form of government the world has ever seen.' Then, after a long pause, she continued, 'And the world will not be able to see it for a long time to come."'

In My. 230:1, Mary Baker Eddy states, "Notwithstanding the sacrilegious moth of time, eternity awaits our Church Manual, which will maintain its rank as in the past, amid ministries aggressive and active, and will stand when those have passed to rest."



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Keeping Abreast of the Times - A Peek into the Future

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"Tell the truth concerning the lie."

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